Electrostatic Chucks.
  • Electrostatic Chucks.
    General Purpose ESCs - Precision manufactured ceramic and aluminum
    materials. For use in RIE, ICP, PVD and other semiconductor process applications.
    High performance ESCs - Sapphire dielectric and aluminum construction for
    low-particulate generation, long service life and excellent thermal performance.
    Application Specific ESCs - Custom designed ESCs for a wide range of applications.

Power Supplies and Accessories.

  • Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies.
    EPS100 - 1kV bipolar output, analog/digital interface, 19" width. Replaces the
    SEMCO HVS1500 with greater reliability and lower cost.
    EPS120 - 1kV bipolar output, analog/digital interface, 9.5" width.
    EPS200 - 1kV or 2.5kV bipolar output, analog, digital and RS232 interface,
    programmable, 9.5" width. Industry proven flexibility and reliability.

    EPS300 - 1kV or 2kV bipolar output, digital I/O and serial interface, programmable.
    Lower cost, compact size, designed for embedded OEM applications.
    EPS310 - 2.5kV or 5kV bipolar output, digital I/O, and serial interface,
    programmable. Similar to EPS300 but with advanced performance and features.
    EPS320 - All of the same features of the EPS310, but with dual, independent outputs.
    EPS440 - Multi-channel, high-speed ESC power supply system. Coming Soon.
    EPS520 - Dual-output, high-power ESC power supply. Coming Soon.

    Accessories - RF decoupler, high-voltage cables, high-impedance cables.

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