Electrostatic Chuck Accessories

Overview. For proper operation and continued reliability, the high voltage outputs of
any electrostatic chuck power supply must be electrically isolated from extremely high
DC bias voltages, high energy RF fields or other sources of potential damage. A typical
electrostatic chuck application for a semiconductor plasma process is shown below. All of
the components are required for proper clamping operation and protection of any of the
EPS series power supplies.

EPS200 - Typical Application

It is highly recommended that only accessories manufactured, or specifically authorized, by
Gripping Power, Inc. should be used with the EPS series power supplies when developing
an electrostatic chuck application for high energy processes. Gripping Power, Inc. can
provide high-voltage interconnect cables, RF decouplers and other accessories to meet  
any specific need. Our engineering staff and technical representitives are available to
assist in solving the most complex electrostatic chuck problems.

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