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Electrostatic chucks
Standard and custom ESC products Luxtron in-situ temperature monitoring

Electrostatic chuck power supplies
EPS100 - 1U, full-rack, low cost EPS300 - Embedded, programmable, 1kV
EPS120 - 2U, half-rack, low cost EPS300LX - Luxtron temp. sensor, 1kV
EPS200 - 2U, programmable, RS-232 EPS310 - Embedded, 2.5kV, 5kV or 10kV

Industrial Network I/O Modules
DXB280 - Digital I/O module DAB408 - Medium density I/O module
DAB404 - Low density I/O module DAB816 - High density I/O module

Embedded PCs
PCX700 - Pentium III, 128MB RAM PCD700 - Pentium III, plus DeviceNet

Design Services
Electronic design, schematic capture or PCB layout
Industrial PC or embedded controller design
Embedded software development

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