Applied Energy Technologies Announces Operational Changes
November 1, 2002 -- Applied Energy Technologies, Inc. announced
today that a private investment group headed by John F. Kohls, CEO
of Nova Research and Engineering, Inc. has purchased the assets of the
Company. A new company, Gripping Power, Inc., comprised of the
acquired assets of Applied Energy Technologies, Inc, and those provided
by the new ownership, will begin operations as of December 1, 2002.
Luxtron Corporation and Applied Energy Technologies
Announce the EPS300LX Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply,
Featuring Fully Integrated Fluoroptic® Thermometry

July 17, 2002 -- Luxtron Corporation, a leading supplier of in-situ
temperature measurement instruments and Applied Energy
Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electrostatic chuck
power supplies, introduce the EPS300LX electrostatic chuck power
supply. The EPS300LX integrates a Luxtron m600 Fluoroptic®
Thermometer, the latest advancement in LUXTRON's patented
Fluoroptic technology and Applied Energy Technologies, Inc.
patent-pending MultiMode ESC electrostatic chuck power
supply technology into a single compact instrument.
Applied Energy Technologies Delivers Electrostatic Chucks
for High-Rate MEMS Etching.
June 28, 2002 -- Applied Energy Technologies, Inc. delivered the
first electrostatic chucks (ESCs) for a new high etch rate MEMS
semiconductor process tool to Aspect Systems. Through a joint
development effort, the new ESCs provide greater clamping force,
lower leak rates, higher thermal conductivity and improved uniformity.
These ESCs allow the Aspect Systems Crystal UDT etcher to achieve
high MEMS etch rates with excellent thermal management.
Semiconductor International Magazine - New Products
Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply

July 2001 -- The EPS300 electrostatic chuck power supply is
designed for OEM embedded applications and provides performance,
proven reliability and process flexibility. It features analog, digital and
RS232 interfaces, fully floating, variable 1 kV output, ten user
definable clamp/declamp algorithms and demonstrated compatibility
with industry-standard electrostatic chucks. Power requirement is
24 VDC or ±15 VDC.
Semiconductor International Magazine - New Products
Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies

July 1999 -- The EPS line of electrostatic chuck power supplies is
designed to provide reliability and process flexibility. All models have
local and remote operating modes, true floating 1kV or 2.5kV bipolar
outputs and reliability in RIE, PECVD and PVD processes. The
EPS200 features digital, analog, and RS-232 interfaces and 10 user
definable chuck/dechuck algorithms. The EPS100 and EPS120
provide basic features for cost sensitive applications.

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