EPS310 Embedded Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply

EPS310 General Specifications

  • True floating, 2.5kV or 5kV, bipolar, center-tapped outputs
  • Single RS-232 serial interface for power supply control and temperature data
  • Remote digital on/off
  • Remote analog monitoring of load voltage and current
  • Remote analog setpoint of output voltage
  • Two user-defined programmable digital outputs
  • Programmable substrate (wafer) presence detector
  • LED status indicators
EPS310 Interface Connectors
  • Powerful command language allows complex chuck/dechuck algorithms
  • Programming language is backwardly compatible with the EPS200 and EPS300
  • 10 user definable programs, each with 32 steps
  • Meets SEMI S2 requirements
  • Input power: ±15 VDC at 800mA or +24 VDC at 1A
  • Dimensions: 2.50" x 9.58" x 9.90" (H x W x D)

Technical Specifications

Interface Specifications

Typical Application
RS-232 Operation

Programming Examples

Mounting Dimensions

Ordering Information

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