EPS100 Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply

  • True floating 1kV DC bipolar output
  • Compatible with Dorsey Gage, Invax and TOTO electrostatic chucks.
  • Proven reliability in RIE, PECVD, and PVD processes
  • Directly replaces the SEMCO HVS1500 in most applications
  • Remote digital HV on/off control

    EPS100 - LCD Display and Operator Controls

  • Manual setpoint and remote analog setpoint and monitoring
  • Preprogrammed chuck/dechuck algorithm
  • Back-lit LCD displays voltage and current
  • Mounts in a standard 19" equipment rack
  • Input power: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
  • Optional DC input power: 24 VDC, ±15 VDC

EPS100 Interface Specifications

EPS100 Ordering Information

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